Drink as friends, do business as strangers.

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This is something that was taught to me many many years ago and I have always used it in my life…. although I hadn’t really understood how powerful this advice was until more recently. Too many people carry around personal feelings or feel slighted when they are dealt with from a business perspective. In my life, as I have built businesses I have had to push people hard, hold them accountable to high expectations, and fire people for under-performing. I have gone through my life as a very direct person and it comes from the positions that I have held in the many businesses that I have owned. It’s not that I am not a fun person, happy person or don’t have a sense of humor. I do very much so, but when you are at the top and all the shit is rolling uphill you tend to become all business. This I have learned is not the way. Too much of anything is a bad thing and finding that balance is a must if you want to scale your business. It’s a really fine line. You must find the right balance with your team where you can hold them accountable for their KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and also create an atmosphere of openness and friendship when the timing is right. Of course, if you are able to master both of these skills you will scale massively because your team will be drinking your koolaid and go to war for you. The bi-product of this is that as long as you have solid performance targets and goals you will weed out the bad apples because you have metrics that are tangible. Stay strong MS.

Daily Rant – Ask for the sale!!!

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You have a problem.

You are out in front of prospects – Sending a ton of proposals – when you call you have great chemistry and are building some great friendships.
Problem is you are NOT closing deals. This is crazy how can you be doing everything right and these people are still not buying from you.
Price is not the issue, quality is NOT the issue and service is not the issue.
So whats the problem?
Come on you know what it is…..
You are not asking for the Sale. Asking for the sale is the single most important thing you need to focus on. Sure relationship building is a part of it but do you need to feed your family? I know i do.

Here are some simple but effective ways to ask for the sale.

You have presented your product or service to the prospect and are not getting anywhere with them but you have a good energy then just coming out and asking them to buy the product is a good way to know if they are serious or just wasting your time. Believe me having a funnel full of time wasters is not helping you achieve your goals and definitely not making you any money. Ask directly “Hey John, I have presented you everything here and you seem happy with it, do we have a deal?”. If you have been on multiple calls and gotten nowhere it is your duty to yourself to simply ask.

Another good way to make sure you are moving in the right direction would be to pre-qualify your prospect. “John, you seem like a very honest person and I appreciate it. If you do not like what I am offering or you have an issue with my pricing would you mind giving me a straight no? On the other hand, if you are happy with the offer and I have answered all of your questions is there anyone else that needs to join our meeting in order to make a decision to proceed? Thank you John, I know you value your time as do I and I would just like to make sure that who ever needs to be in this presentation is available so we are able to move forward as smooth as possible.” At that point you will find out who is in charge and if the person you are dealing with is not a decision maker you may want to push to get in front of that person so you are not wasting time.

Here is something I like to do when meeting prospects, I understand their needs and within that time I generally have an understanding of a budget they will require in order to achieve their goals. I simply let them know that I will be glad to give them a proposal, on the basis that they are looking at a spend of approx $XXX per month or per year. This will either be received very well or with great shock. At that point you will understand the true opportunity you have at closing the sale before you even wast any real time on them. Happy Hunting!!! Michael Shane.

Ask Quesions – Grow Your Business

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When you are first meeting a prospect it is important to break the ice and build a raport. A great way to do this is by showing authentic interest in them.

Try to find out as much as you can about them. When did they open?
What got them into this line of business? How is business? How much does an average customer spend? What is their cost per lead? Cost per sale? Return on investment? What are they doing to market right now? The more you know about your prospect the better chance you have of truly helping them with a solution to their problem. Find relevant questions to your customers business that can uncover ways you can support them. This is not shady, on the contrary showing a true interest in them will help align you with their needs and aid you in finding the right solution. Keep up the good work.